One Sided Friendships 

Introvert, introspective mind, 

Dearth of attention, did all he find, 

Craved love that was battered at home, 

To share stories on phone. 

Introvert sitting at the class corner. 

Hearts colder, face warmer, 

Viewing situations from every angle, 

Waiting to conjoin life’s triangle.

Days fly, months pass, 

Teased around, reduced to a farce. 

Kids come, kids go, 

Introvert at the corner, high on being low. 

New child enters school, 

Huffed breaths, rapid beats, inconsistent drools, 

Armour for the distress, 

Or someone else to make him feel stress? 

Armour it is, for lifetime it seems, 

Shared over notes and beyblade screams, 

Stories were shared on phone, but 

Armour changed school, was gone. 

Introvert child sitting in the corner, 

Summer gone, winter nearer. 

People came, friends became,

Went to a new school to stake claim. 

Loved each, refreshed and renew, 

Hoping to receive similar sinew. 

Always disappointed with the response, 

Stay strong, stay strong! 

Fast forward, the loop continued, 

High school, college, same gloom loomed. 

Risen expectations and butchered hearts, 

Vacant soul and a thousand darts. 

Present state, similar situation,

Little expectations, feelings diminution, 

Heart pricks, thickened walls, 

Apathy looms, soft falls. 

Introvert child is ambivert adult, 

Smile, confidence is his cult. 

Found his sinew and mirth, 

In few people, totally worth. 

Worthy of tears, worthy of smiles, 

Still distressed of inches not turned to miles, 

Suffered from unequal friendships, 

But guilty of one sided friendships? 


Ode to the Best Friend

We all have best friend/s, and how much we miss them. Let’s sing our love for them.

I miss you, 

I am at fault in putting a measure to that value, 

A value that seems inconceivable, 

I just miss you. 

The frankness of childhood, 

The truthful nature of our emotions, 

The absence of beguiling, 

The excitement to meet each other, 

I just miss everything. 

Growing up together, 

Partners in the same class, 

Passing along food and conjunctivitis alike, 

Over innocence and shades in school, 

We grew up. 

Separated from you, next year, 

I couldn’t wait for the recess, 

The time that I could share with you 

My biscuits and, 

The happenings of my day, 

And listen to your musings, 

Over shared motherly sandwiches and burgers. 

Time passed and you found love, 

But love for me was just you then. 

I used to sit and listen to all the stories that you had, 

Your first date, first touch, first kiss, 

And convey happiness of your smile to my heart. 

School passed, college came. 

We became distant, new experiences, new friends, 

But, birthdays were rarely missed, 

Forgotten wishes needed much compensation, 

Of long talks or surprises, 

And we gradually grew up. 

I found love, you explored more. 

We changed cities, but the bonding was same. 

You changed countries, but the bonding is constant. 

I’m reminded of you 

Whenever I am made aware of an absent best friend, 

To whom I could let my heart flow, 

And get the best advices, 

I miss my wingman. 

Whenever we called or met, 

Time remained still, 

We could talk for hours and hours, 

You always hanging up, 

And I wishing to listen more. 

We shared problems and worked solutions. 

We still have problems but distant solutions. 

I know you’re busy but always there, 

I know you’ll care, you’re always there. 

I don’t need to be reminded that by a call or text, 

But that’s what the heart desires, 

Living proof of love, 

Proving genuineness of friendship, 

How fickle, how low.

But I miss you, I’ll miss you more. 

I wish to be the best man at your wedding, 

I wish to dance away your wedding night, 

I wish to share all our experiences, 

I wish to sing crazy bollywood songs when sitting pillion, 

I wish to be yelled at by you for my silly mistakes, 

I wish to be seeking advice for all my innocence, 

I wish to have life conversations under the stars, 

I wish, I wish I didn’t have to miss you so much.