Hide and Seek

Come, let’s play hide and seek, 

An indolent game to decipher each other, 

To seek each other, 

In person and presence, 

To unveil the hidden conspiracies, 

To unravel the smile mysteries, 

To conjecture moods, 

To know their stance and swing, 

To sip on the darkest secrets, 

To relish the happiest memories, 

Let’s discover each other. 

Let’s seek the hidden us. 

Come, let’s play hide and seek, 

I want to know you, 

Inside out, because 

What’s the fun in superficiality? 

Judge books by covers?

I want to know you, 

But not in a desperate way,

But in a cooperatively comprehensive way.

Come, let’s play hide and seek, 

Let’s start off with small talks, 

Furtive, secretive, restricted. 

To paint portraits, with the 

Brushes of smiles, and strokes 

Of sadness and tears.

Add colours with the grey, to create, 

To ultimately gauge, the mesmerizing picture. 

Come, let’s play hide and seek, 

Let’s acknowledge the gestures, 

The twinkling, the glaring of eyes, 

The gleeful smile, the sarcastic smirk,

The blush on the face, the flaring of nostrils, 

Let’s record the seasonal mood changes, 

The proportionality of the countenance to 

The emotion at heart. 

Let’s learn the subtleties, 

Let’s see, seep and seek. 

Come, let’s play hide and seek, 

We’re good, understanding perfectly, 

Acknowledging minorities, but 

We’ve blended, mistakes easily discernible, 

Feelings colliding, 

Tolerance fading, 

Egos and emotions at large, 

Tones hushed, voices down, 

Talks, bleak and gloom. 

Still passing gestures, refraining from long talk. 

We were hidden, sought after 

And now lost. 



I make overtures towards you, 

Seemingly desperate, 

Desperate to know you. 

I want to paint your portrait, 

Using the brushes of my eyes, 

The strokes of your smile. 

And bring it to life, 

With your unfulfilled desires that 

You convey to your busted heart. 

The tiny bits of your tedious life 

That leaves you bellow,

The experiences that you mirror

In the gleam of your eyes.

So that when I have truly read you, 

I could call it a masterpiece.


I was born free as the wind, wild and unbound
I was like the flowing water making my way through uneven ground
I was the earth with the petrichor
I was the undying fire, the percolating ether

Don’t cage me in  generalised doubts of personality
Don’t tame me in world-made rituals of behaviour
Don’t imprison me in your mind regarding my offset behaviour
Don’t trap me in self made assumptions of human nature.

These restrictions put my freedom at stake.
Surrounded by shackles of judgement nonchalantly made.
With blots of misdemeanor on misery,
When you smirked at me In your pleasant reverie

But didnt you know your happiness will be fleeting?
Your thoughts need much more contemplating.
To savour the fruit but trust the root,
To enjoy the music and not ridicule the flute.

However, the wind in me can no longer be caged
The daunting water can rarely be tamed
A trapped fire will always be killing
And earth and ether can never be imprisoned

I will soar high in my self made world
Away from the blotches that you do mould
I will proclaim my freedom till seven heavens high
“I am free, I am free” I will happily sigh.

– Saad Ahmed